Wednesday, April 21, 2010

$1.99... Are You Outta Yo' Mind???

Ok so I don't know if you're a member on but if you aren't, you need to be because they are having a sale on Urban Decay products right now!!  Like 75% off and stuff!!  I don't know if anything is $1.99 but when I was thinking of a title for this blog I remembered a song from a commercial that my Mom and I used to sing and it went like that.

Anyway, as of right now the sale is only for another 7 hours or so but they've had other great sales on cosmetics, you just have to watch out for them!

This is going to be a quick entry because I'm studying for finals but I just wanted to give you all the heads up!!

P.S.:  New videos on my youtube: MissLoveAndLipgloss.... CHECK THEM OUT!!

xoxo... Love you for reading!!

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